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  • 04/01/2005: First version of Goulphar available on the site. Let's call it Goulphar 1.0
  • 05/05/2006: Version 1.1 of Goulphar available on the site. Here are the new things available:
    • Goulphar no longer uses sma, what makes it a bit quicker to install.
    • Goulphar now takes either gpr and spot files.
    • The layout is automatically computed on the inputed gpr or gal files.
    • For gpr files, specific flags can now be filtered (-100, -50, -75). It use to be all of them or none.
    • New plots are available: log2(intensity) density plots and M density plots, before and after normalisation.
    • The pdf report output is much better than it was.
    • The spot number threshold in a block can be chosen (print tip normalization control).
  • 04/09/2006: The Goulphar website has been updated:
    • More information has been given on the Goulphar/R/Bioconductor installation process.
    • Information has been given on how to find the package convert as it is not installed by the default Bioconductor installation.
    • The R code factorization and documentation have been increased.
    • It is now possible to run the Goulphar script locally on our server. Beware that the Goulphar script in not fully functional in that way. Only PDF report is supported.
  • 28/01/2008: The Goulphar script (now version 1.1.3) and website have been updated:
    • The locale system parameter has to be changed when limma read.maimages function is used to avoid a gsub error. It is then set back to your current parameter at the end of Goulphar execution.
    • The installation notes have been updated. They were not compliant anymore with the Bioconductor installation procedure.

  Goulphar is a lighthouse located in Belle-ile, a southern brittany island. It was built from 1824 to 1836.

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