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Build your parameter file for Goulphar

To build your parameter file for Goulphar, the following indications are required.

Result file: (gpr or spot files)
Gal file: (spot files only)
Foreground: Median Mean
Background: Median background substraction
Mean background substraction
No background substraction
Normalisation: Print-tip group lowess
        Spot number threshold by block:
Global lowess
Global lowess followed by print-tip group median
Print-tip group median
Global median
Flags: filter all of them
no filter
filter only these flag values:
Flag values have to be separated by a semicolon ex: -50;-75 (gpr file only)
Saturating spots: Remove spot with intensities bigger than in one of the channel
Let the field empty if you don't want to remove any saturating spots
Small spots: Remove spot with diameter smaller than µm
Let the field empty if you don't want to remove any small spots
Graphical output file: single pdf file separate png files separate jpeg files

  Goulphar is a lighthouse located in Belle-ile, a southern brittany island. It was built from 1824 to 1836.

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